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Merging Story with Commerce

An ecommerce experience that lets the products, and the people who wear them, speak for themselves.

Real Champion John Lewis






  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Front-End Development

Technology Platform

IBM Websphere

Project Background

Champion approached Elevate to create a site experience for the second iteration of their Real Champions campaign, which is centered around the accounts of four real people who have overcome personal challenges through sport. Champion needed to engage users with these stories, but also find a way to unobtrusively sell product.

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96% ROI

within 3 months of launch

Content Strategy

Content in Commerce

Social selling is successful because of its authenticity, so our strategy was to let real people (the Real Champions) give their own personal accounts. Our approach was to invite shoppers into the experience by allowing them to self-identify with the athlete they find most relatable.

Real Champions champions

Visual Design

Show, Not Tell

Immediately when the user arrives at the page, they’re met with imagery that clearly shows the athlete’s sport, a characteristic that describes their challenge, and a sense of their style. Deeper engagement comes through athlete vignettes that feature vivid action photography and narrative video, adding additional depth to immerse the user in the stories.

Real Champion Julian Lucas

Ecommerce Strategy

Shoppable Style

These athlete vignettes also allow users to shop the athlete’s style. The sales message is less about the products themselves, and more about how they have helped real-life people achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.

It’s about the athlete’s style and personality. Users can shop either in the form of a full outfit or an individual product, giving them the chance to purchase immediately or explore in more depth. In addition to the site experience, Elevate designed an email series to further promote the campaign.

The Real Champions campaign began on social media, so we created an experience that pulled this social message cross-channel to the Champion website. What we created wasn’t just a “soft sell,” it was a story-driven shopping experience inspired by the athletes.

Real Champions CTA
Real Champions products