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Macadamia Professional

Data-Driven Iteration

A two-week sprint to identify, design, and test site enhancements to improve conversions and increase revenue.

Macadamia Professional desktop and mobile homepages


Macadamia Professional




  • UX Audit
  • Performance Audit
  • Visual Design
  • A/B Testing

Project Approach

Growing Revenue to Fund Larger Initiatives

With a platform change on the horizon, Macadamia was looking for a way to maximize revenue from its current website. We conducted a UX audit and a performance audit to help them identify immediate opportunities for increased conversions. Our team identified pain points in the user journey and designed solutions to solve them. We then A/B tested our design recommendations to ensure that they would have a positive impact before they were implemented.

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Performance Audit

Speed Drives Sales

We examined the front-end architecture and third-party integrations to uncover issues that were slowing down the site. We provided practical recommendations to help decrease page load times.

Macadamia Professional load time rendering
Visualization of time to render on a mobile device

UX Audit

Finding Points of Friction

Armed with analytics and heatmap data, our UX team reviewed key page templates and user flows. We uncovered design elements and features that were causing users to struggle as they tried to purchase products. Our findings were organized into an annotated report that served as the base for an iterative roadmap.

Macadamia Professional UX audit heatmap
Heatmap data showing user interactions on a product page


27% increase in purchase conversion rate in under 2 months

Iteration Roadmap

Creating a Realistic and Measurable Plan

Knowing that the client team’s resources were limited, we performed a cost/benefit analysis of our audit findings. We categorized and ranked our recommendations based on their level of effort and predicted impact. This provided the Macadamia team with a prioritized plan of action, beginning with low effort and high impact items.

A/B Testing

Small Changes with Big Impacts

During the creation of the Iteration Roadmap, we also flagged design recommendations that could be easily A/B tested on the live site. We used Google Optimize to test and validate these changes before moving them into development. Efficiency was our goal, and we were able to measure the impact and prove the value of these design changes before further investment in them was made.

A/B Testing Results

Adding free shipping messaging to the global promotional banner increased order conversions by 52%.

A design update to the homepage billboard increased Click Through Rate by 14%.

Macadamia Professional billboard and promo banner before Macadamia Professional billboard and promo banner after
Macadamia Professional add-to-bag before Macadamia Professional add-to-bag after

A design update to the list page product tiles increased “Add to Bag” clicks by 15%.

A design update to the desktop mini-cart increased Click Through Rate to the cart by 36%

Macadamia Professional mini-cart before Macadamia Professional mini-cart after
Macadamia Professional checkout before Macadamia Professional checkout after

A design update to the cart page increased Click Through Rate to checkout by 16%

A design update to the homepage promotional tiles increased Click Through Rate by 16%

Macadamia Professional homepage promotional tile before Macadamia Professional homepage promotional tile after