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Driving the Evolution of a Luxury Beauty Brand

“Elevate has been a great partner for Lancôme. They put the time in, they do the research, and they present thoughtful designs that resonate with our customers.”

Matt Proto, Creative Manager, Interactive and E-Business Marketing at Lancôme







  • Research
  • UX Design
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Design

Relationship Approach

Communication, Efficiency and Quality

Elevate has an ongoing retainer relationship with Lancôme’s Digital Marketing & Ecommerce team. Engagements vary from refreshing site creative to designing new site features and enhancements. Members of the Lancôme and Elevate teams collaborate daily to plan, research, ideate, and design solutions that drive sales. Clear, collaborative communication maintains alignment and efficiency.

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Over 300% ROI

in less than one month

Ecommerce Strategy

Uncovering New Opportunities

In preparation for Halloween, Elevate recommended that Lancôme leverage existing image content to create a costume inspiration landing page to drive sales around the holiday. Elevate provided the design and copy for the landing page as well as the promotional placements for and affiliate sites. In less than one month, Lancôme saw over 300% ROI.

Lancôme ecommerce strategy



increase in transactions

Visual Design & Copywriting

Driving Holiday Sales

Elevate conducted regular brainstorms for Lancôme to explore new opportunities to help drive their revenue, and we devoted one specifically to the 2016 holiday shopping season. As a result, we designed a landing page that featured must-have products for holiday looks and targeted site creative to drive promotional sales throughout the season, increasing transactions by 11.57% over the previous year. Our efforts contributed to one of their most successful shopping seasons to date.

Lancôme holiday promotions


56.6% higher engagement than standard fragrance pages.

Lancôme engraving design

A simple and elegant fragrance engraving feature accentuates the nuanced beauty of this luxury brand.


Self-Expression Through Scent

Research shows consumers choose perfumes that reflect their personality, so we developed copy that plays on this insight to promote the fragrance engraving offering.

Visual Design

The Difference is in the Details

Large, detailed images of the uniquely crafted fragrance bottles highlight the personalization opportunity that engraving provides. Consumers can make their own mark on these emblematic bottles.

Lancôme engraving product page
Lancôme product engraving page

UX Design

Designing a Journey

We designed a unique product page for the engraving experience. It adopts design elements from the landing page, creating consistency throughout.