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Michael Tri sitting at his desk at Elevate.

Starting My Design Career at Elevate

Michael Tri

By Michael Tri ,

Senior Interactive Designer

September 4, 2013


Hello! My name is Michael Tri. I am a junior interactive designer at Elevate. I am one year out of Northern Illinois University’s visual communication program and I have been working at Elevate for around six months. I am, more or less, fresh meat in this industry. I am extremely lucky to have been hired by Elevate as it has been a fantastic fit for myself and my skills.

Here at Elevate I have already learned and experienced an incredible amount in the short time I’ve been here: working within a full-scale agency team, working with deadlines on expansive projects, participating in team brainstorms, working with the oversight of an art director, working with developers, learning marketing strategy, learning how to present and explain my work, and embracing a content first approach to design.

I also work alongside a variety of friendly faces who come from a wide variety of disciplines with a wide variety of skillsets. Working within this diverse team has allowed me to learn and absorb quite a bit of knowledge simply through osmosis.

Elevate’s personal and friendly culture permeates through every aspect of the company.

The comradery we share with one-another translates wonderfully to treating our clients as friends and out of that relationship producing fantastic work. Everyone wants to provide the best work we can for our clients because we care about our agency and our fellow Elevators.

Within Elevate’s fifteen person team, I feel like the work I do for the company means something and has a quantifiable impact. If we do good work, we fortify Elevate’s reputation, strengthen our relationships with our clients, and create the opportunity to forge new relationships with new clients. The results of our diligent effort are visible in happy clients, company profits, individual praise, and team recognition.

Elevate has been great to me so far.

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