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The Elevate team on a roof celebrating summer and the '70s.

Les Freaks”An Elevated Tribute to the 70s

By Elevate

May 9, 2018


After what seemed like an endless number of cold and grey days in Chicago, we were finally graced with an opportunity for some Hot Fun in the Summertime.” Being Elevators, we had to go above and beyond and make a party of this, so we climbed the Stairway to Heaven” to get to the rooftop, where we were Blinded by the Light” while we enjoyed some 70s favorites in appropriate 70s style. And we sure looked like Hot Stuff.” (I promise I’ll stop now.)

70s tri orig
70s group orig
70s jamie orig

This idea to honor the good weather came from our President, Joe Kim, who recently published his first of what will be many blog posts for Elevate, Elevate Culture: Walking the Talk.”

Thanks to our HR Director, Patti, our celebration featured some classic 70s treats, on-trend costumes, and an authentic 70s Thermos as a prize for the best-dressed Elevator. We listened to music and took a short but much-needed break to step outside, enjoy the breeze, and, most importantly, connect with each other in a fun and unique way. I’m always proud to be a part of this organization, but it’s days like this that remind me how truly special being a part of the Elevate team is.

What did you do to welcome this long-anticipated summer? We’d love to hear from you. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you don’t miss out on the next celebration!

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