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A colorful banner at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show.

The Wondrous International Makeup Artist Trade Show

By Elevate

April 20, 2018


Last week, I had the pleasure of jet-setting off to New York City. Outside of sampling a variety of NYC-style pizza and eating at every deli that I walked past, I got to attend one of the most exciting beauty events of the year — the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS). Shout-out to Elevate and their awesome work-life balance values that helped make this all possible.

If I could summarize IMATS in one word, I would choose wondrous. The convention center housed 100+ beauty brand booths as well as stage areas with artists, demonstrators, models, and major influencers, all surrounded by hundreds of different people, drawn together by their mutual love for the industry. You could feel all the admiration and support for fellow makeup lovers just radiating in everyone’s happy faces.

IMATS is more than just a place to buy your favorite beauty products. The event encompases many facets of the industry, such as gore and cinema makeup, and also provides attendees with educational presentations and how-to seminars. Some of the industry’s biggest influencers came out to the event as well, meeting fans, promoting their favorite brands, and sharing their best makeup tips on stage. Allow me to take this moment to brag about how I met Anastasia Soare (founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills) and one of my all-time favorite artist/influencers, Alyssa Marie (@alyssamarieartistry), also affiliated with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brand.

Anastasia soare orig
Anastasia Soare, second from left
Alyssa marie orig
Alyssa Marie, second from right

Here’s the biggest takeaway I want you to get from my sharing this experience: this industry is about so much more than just beauty products. It’s about inspiring confidence in ourselves (and others), inclusivity, and creativity. Makeup is for everyone — this multi-billion dollar industry has and will continue to encourage people to express their individuality any way they see fit. I’m proud to be part of an organization that has proven success in helping several beauty brands achieve their ecommerce goals while making the experience for customers, including myself, beautiful and thoughtful.

Overall, IMATS was an incredible and educational experience. I returned to Chicago with a renewed passion for the artistry as well as new ideas inspired by all the empowering people I had the pleasure to interact with at the event. I will definitely be going back again next year.

Top photo credit: My talented friend & beauty vlogger @scardino_andrea

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