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sketchbook with UX examples

UX Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Conversion

We’ve identified five common mistakes brands make with their user experience, and how they impact a user’s time on platform.

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Happy Halloween! Don’t Let the Scares Continue after the Holiday

While the ghouls and ghosts are out trick-or-treating today, any forward-thinking ecommerce brand is looking past the candy and costumes to a potentially scary time ahead: holiday shopping season.

User online shopping on a tablet.

Ever Wonder What Your Customers Are Really Doing on Your Site?

There are all types of buzzwords surrounding data and analytics these days. We’ve simplified the research process by identifying our top four favorite user monitoring tools.

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Ecommerce Holiday Prep: Plan Ahead. Way Ahead.

We’ve been in the holiday spirit for months to make sure ecommerce retailers are ready for the jolliest time of the year.

a woman shopping online for Black Friday

Content Management Solutions for Ecommerce

Decoupling the management of your marketing content from your ecommerce system can open up a new world of opportunity for your designers, developers, and marketers.

a laptop showing data displayed in a bar chart

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2018: Digital Commerce Takeaways

In case you haven’t had time to review all 294 slides of Mary Meeker’s 2018 Report, our Senior UX Designer has highlighted the top 5 digital commerce takeaways that you need to know.