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children sipping smoothies in SOLO cups through straws decorated with Solo: A Star Wars story characters children sipping smoothies in SOLO cups through straws decorated with Solo: A Star Wars story characters

Banding Together to Go SOLO: A Partnership Gets Big Results

Michael Tri

By Michael Tri , Senior Interactive Designer

May 18, 2018


SOLO cups and Han Solo? Sounds like a match made in heaven. Elevate recently had the exciting opportunity to help SOLO launch a sweepstakes microsite in partnership with Disney for Solo: A Star Wars Story movie.

The site was a huge success, with a 48% entry rate and 109% of the opt-in goal reached during the grand prize entry period, resulting in 70% growth in SOLO’s email list in the campaign’s first ten days.

How did we get such great results for SOLO? Obviously, the grand prize—a chance to win tickets to the Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere—was a big draw, but we wanted to keep users engaged with the site once they arrived as well as ensure it was easy for them to enter.

We achieved the first goal, user engagement, through judicious use of animation, including a hero banner that immediately catches the user’s eye and interactive SOLO products (if you’re on a tablet or larger screen, check out the Easter egg animation by clicking on the left SOLO cup). The microsite also housed amazing content to help friends and families hold their very own launch parties.

laser-shooting SOLO cup pops popcorn

To meet the second goal, we kept the sweepstakes entry very simple. Security and data integrity is important, so we used a honeypot rather than an ugly, user-unfriendly captcha for SPAM protection, and special care was taken to prevent cheating using anti-forgery practices.

Star Wars is an immeasurable force of pop-culture, and SOLO is a well-loved brand with an iconic product. Creating an experience for them was incredibly fun, and we’re delighted with the results.

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